Roni Lockwood

About Me

Frontend Developer's Journey

From a young age I have been interested in technology and what it does for our lives. In 6th grade my history report was on the Facsimile and how it changed communication. This was before the internet was mainstream and helped spark my interest in technology. In highschool I had no idea what I wanted to do after but took any and all classes that had a computer involved. My senior year I took a programming class and hated it! I realize now it was the teacher that made the class not a great learning experience. Fast forward a couple of years and a horse was for sale by a friend and I jumped on the opportunity to buy him. I was working full time as a personal secretary and needed something else. This began my obsession with all things horses. For over a decade I worked in the equestrian community wherever I could, as a barn manager, horse sitter and even a feed store clerk. I loved the hard work, long hours and the camaraderie with horses. As I got older I realized I did not want to keep up the exhausting work with nothing to show for it. I decided to get an office job and see how it went.

After a few years I was able to settle into it but it was not fulfilling. I realized I needed to be in the tech world and have always wanted to learn how to create websites. I started to explore different options and found an online coding course that fit my budget, lifestyle and experience level.

The summary of my past work hopefully shows that I am not afraid to work really hard. Working with many small businesses gave me the knowledge that it takes hard work, guts and sweat! I know how to work alone and keep a schedule. I love to problem solve, by looking outside the box for the most efficient solution. My non-tech history gives me a fresh and unique perspective and the work ethic needed to be a developer. The never give up attitude, maybe stubborn as a mule(they are stubborn!), will make me a great developer.